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At Angel Hospice Corp., we are happy to answer all your questions personally. Please feel free to browse our website, but also please call to ask questions or to schedule a free, no-obligation visit to discuss hospice care.

Does hospice care affect length of life?

A considerably body of scientific evidence now demonstrates that hospice care results in a life lengthened by days or months. Hospice does not shorten life.

People sometimes assume that not pursuing curative treatments will shorten a person’s life. This is incorrect. What these people are forgetting is that in order to be eligible for hospice services, a doctor must certify that – even with curative treatments – prognosis could be six months or less. In these cases, forgoing the strains of hospital treatments and choosing rest and comfort can often add more life while simultaneously improving the quality of that life.

Will my doctor tell me when it is time to choose hospice?

Different doctors handle this issue differently. Research suggests that families should not rely on doctors to make this determination all by themselves. What’s important is that patients and families start conversations with their doctors about their individual preferences. Tell your doctor if you want to know your prognosis and how often you want to be updated on this information. Start researching hospice care long before you actually need it. That way, you will be more likely to recognize when and if the time is right for you to take full advantage of hospice services.

As part of this imformation-gathering, call Angel Hospice Corp. at (214) 432-2636 if you live in the Dallas metropolitan area. We will gladly send a nurse or representative to your home or doctor’s office to discuss hospice.

What happens if the condition of a hospice patient improves?

This happens from time to time. These patients are simply discharged from hospice care. Patients are free to return to hospice care when and if they need that care again – with no limitations.

How much does hospice cost?

Because Angel Hospice Corp. is Medicare certified, traditional Medicare pays 100% of allowable charges from us. If you have other health insurance, contact us so we can help you learn more about the hospice benefit in your particular plan. 

When we say Medicare covers 100% of allowable charges, that means any deductibles do not apply. There is no co-pay, and no cost sharing of any kind. Angel Hospice Corp. even picks up the cost of supplies, equipment, and medications related to the hospice diagnosis – with no co-pay. 

How often will Angel Hospice Corp. visit our home, and how long will they stay?

Every plan of care is unique to the needs of each patient and family. We may send help every day or we may send help only a couple of times per week, according to the needs and preferences of each patient and family. Hospice services involve intermittent visits. This means we visit multiple times rather than providing 24-hour care in your home. However, we do have nurses on-call for patients 24 hours per day, every day. Additionally, when a patient is passing, an Angel Hospice nurse will stay with the patient and family throughout the entire experience until everything is handled.

Where do I receive hospice care?

Hospice care is provided wherever the patient calls home – including a private residence, hospital inpatient care, senior or assisted-living community or nursing home. Here patients find the most comfort in the routine, established relationships and normalcy of their daily life.

Within senior or assisted-living communities or nursing homes, Angel Hospice preserves that security by becoming a seamless extension of an existing on-site care team. Angel Hospice specialists anticipate and address the complex, physical, emotional and spiritual issues that can arise during this challenging time. In this scenario, patients and their families are able to remain close to the senior or assisted living staff who have known and cared for their loved one, while also benefiting from the extra experience, wisdom and specialized help of Angel Hospice team members.

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